Is The Corporate Social Responsibility And Sustainabl Corporate Social Responsibility?

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In the changing environment, businesses need to show the responsibilities among community. There are many social problems around the world which needs attention and the society also have expectations from the companies to solve it together by using the resources in an effective way (Gigauri, 2012, pp. 207-211). Since long, most of the companies are practicing CSR to contribute to the environment and society as their broad goal. The success of the companies also depend on the community and environment as the company’s operations also have impacts on society and environment. The companies are refocusing on their CSR activities and it is the demand by the society to show the sustainability and responsibility in company’s operations and activities (Rangan , Chase, & Karim, 2015).

Figure 1 Corporate Social Responsibility and
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Now a days, the companies are pushing themselves to be dominant in CSR practices. Many strong analytical arguments have been done until the year 1990 but the impact of globalization was not similar as in past few years (Farcane & Bureana, 2015, pp. 31-48). In 19th and 20th century, there was industrial revolution and this was the main era when there was rapid change which start effecting the environment and society (Polášek, 2010, pp. 6-25). Due to this, the society was critically involved in general concepts such as responsibility among society, ethics in the business that results in crucial monitoring of various NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and other organizations via many diverse international institutions like ONU (Organization of United Nations), OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), WTO (World Trade Organization), World Bank etc. These institutions were organized to play an important role to solve the issues, whenever there is emergence of conflicts (Farcane & Bureana, 2015, pp.
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