Is Texting And Driving?

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In recent years high-tech devices such as smart phones have been great additions to society as a means of communication and entertainment. These additions have made everyday errands and tasks much simplier, but in the wrong hands at the wrong time, they can lead to catastrophe. Matt Richtel, Author of "Texting and Driving? Watch Out for the Textalyzer," has concluded that texting can wait and that it is a major problem since he states that road fatalities have increased " roughly 8 percent in 2015" from 2014. Matt goes on to include survey information that provides confessions from the public that people text and use social media frequently while driving. According to information that Matt provided, the state wants to "treat distracted driving like drunken driving" as a solution to lower the liklihood of people using their cell phone while driving. The textalyzer, similar to a breathalyzer, is a device that is supposed to be able to track recent activity on smart phones when law enforcement officers suspect that there may have been distracted driving and this could be troubling to pass as a law due to what some people may feel as an invasion of privacy. Texting and driving can wait but this law can not wait another day! Insurance companys are taking action, automotive production companys are trying to accomidate to new technology so why can 't the laws? There have been numerous reports on the news about people paying attention to their cellphone while driving and getting into what can sometimes be a fatal accident where multiple people are either hurt or killed. Nobody is safe from distracted driving as we all share the same roads. Who has to die next before action is taken? In the article, Matt included an opinion from Ms. ... ... middle of paper ... ...always wait. I am not proud to admit but there have been a few instances where I have almost caused an accident while trying to take a call and it made me realize that it can wait because I have too much to lose and I can not be responsible for hurting someone else because of my actions. Maryland must pass this bill so that people will be less likely to use their cellphone. Lives have already been taken and ruined due to this. It took too long for drunk driving laws to be passed and Maryland must step forward to set the example before more people are injured due to distracted driving. In a society that has rapidly changed due to technology in such a short period of time, laws need to change to accomidate it in order to protect the innocent and instill fear into those risktakers who do not understand or care about the consequences associated with distracted driving.

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