Is Telework/Telecommutes a Viable Option for Newco?

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Introduction Over the past several years the telework or telecommute options have increased in popularity. As technology continues to be enhanced and baby boomers start to leave the work place the new age of workers are trying to have a more balanced life. The balance or flexibility to get you job completed and take care of the family is an increasing dilemma for employers trying to attract the best qualified employees. According to study conducted by Robert Half, 46% of 1,400 CFO’s indicated that telecommuting was second to salary when attracting new talent (CITE WORK, TELEWORK FACTS). This report discusses the option of telework/telecommutes as a viable option for Newco. More specifically how many departments, if any, could be transitioned to a telework environment? Will this option fit into the business model works from? These and many others are important to be asked and I believe that Newco does have department(s) that can be transitioned and this option fits into Newco’s business model. My recommendation is to transition the Home Retention Consulting department to a telework environment. This recommendation will include supporting details for lower costs, open recruitment to a larger geographical area and increase employee flexibility and retention. Lower Costs In today’s competitive economy, it is important to reduce cost and streamline processes to be the most efficient and proficient company possible. A study performed by Cisco in 2009 states telecommuting saves an estimated $277 million in annual savings due to increased productivity (CITE WORK). While Newco is not at the same business size of Cisco Newco has the ability to lower costs which will have an immediate impact on profitability. My reco... ... middle of paper ... ...s and this plan executed in a timely fashion. Communication and planning will be needed for a smooth transition. Equal consideration will be given to current employees and new employees to assure seamless integration. Meticulous records will be kept by Newco leadership team to document this transition. This will facilitate quicker response for a speedy resolution of issues and concerns and will become a template for future new program introductions. With proper planning communication and execution Telework will become an industry model. This new opportunity needs to be approved based upon what I have presented today. It’s a win for everyone along the service supply chain. For Newco, its customers, and the telework associates; this program increases efficiencies of service, creates added value for customers and enables Newco to extend its competitive advantage.

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