Is Teen Pregnancy a Problem?

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How many pregnant teens have there been? Over the years more girls are becoming teen moms. In Oklahoma teen pregnancy has become a problem. Recently Oklahoma has had a pregnancy rate of 47.5% (Tulsa World). Not only is it an issue in Oklahoma but an issue in the United States as a whole. The lack of awareness and how to prevent pregnancy is a reason to blame for the increasing numbers. The more we don’t make people aware of the increasing teen pregnancy rate and how to prevent then the numbers will continue to rise into an astonishing amount. Helping teens know of the different ways to prevent pregnancy can make an enormous difference in teen pregnancy. The issues that have an effect on teen pregnancy rates have been to the use of contraception and its availability, education issues that go along with being a teen mom, and the lack of awareness in today’s society.
Everyday more teen girls and boys are being educated about how they can prevent teen pregnancy. It has become an issue that teens are not aware on how to prevent pregnancy. For instance having easy access through programs and organizations for birth control and condoms will help with the rate of teen pregnancy. A great place to promote usage of protection during sexual intercourse is at high schools (Planned Parenthood). The more contraception is offered the more likely teens are to use protection to prevent pregnancy. Contraception should be available to the public for free. Therefore it is important to provide contraception and programs. New programs should be developed to increase the awareness of prevention. Slowly Oklahoma’s teen pregnancy rate is decreasing because of the increasing prevention use. “Part of Oklahoma’s decrease is due to economic recessions and mo...

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