Is Technology Changing Culture?

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Technology, an extravagant advancement of hominid creations, is revolutionizing cultures by substituting the manifestation of human intellectual achievement with facile objects that make life on earth easier. The fact that technology affects all individuals is inevitable, since everyone is surrounded by it, from large nuclear reactors to small nano chips. Culture is affected greatly from these daily encounters by changing views upon war, religious traditions, and lifestyles. These changes do not only influence on how helpful we think the technology is, but also encourage us to discover more efficient ways of living life. Although the technology is slowly making everyone “couch potatoes,” it makes us leave a more positive economic and environmental footprint. By purchasing these extraordinary pieces of technology consumers can encourage the industries to create more appealing and efficient products. As we encourage the industries we also set “guide lines” for them to meet. For example if the industry creates a hundred Gigabyte music player, the next release everyone would expect a physically smaller music player capable of having more storage space. Cultures change on the influence technology has on the society. When cultures change, it affects the way we think of life. When humans developed very sophisticated military weapons using new technology, the world’s perspective towards other lives had changed. For example the nuclear bomb was a major leap in weaponry, when it was developed countries started to think it was acceptable to store nuclear rockets that, if executed, could kill all life on earth three times over. As soon as we developed machines to sew clothing in massive quantities companies tried different ways of wearing clo...

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