Is Technological Dependence Hurting the Global Population?

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Technological Dependence: benefitting the global population

Research question: Is technological dependence hurting the global population?

Technological dependence

People around the world take for granted much of what is presented to them. Many seem to ignore much of the things that are there to help. Globally people tend to focus on the negative things. Much of the speculation revolves around the innovation of technology. Technology has brought up great controversy in the sense that some think that the global population is too dependent on technology. However, many seem to overlook what great innovation technology has brought. Although technology can be quite captivating and controlling for its users and audience, at the same time it is very innovative and beneficial to the global population.

Agriculture has come a long way with the innovation of technology to aid it. Technology make crops and food, easier to grow, simpler to ship across the country to other people’s fridges, and to keep it safe to eat over a period of time. The Iowa heritage, a program teaching much about farming history, gave note the Iowa Pathways webpage saying, “One milestone in the evolution of technology in Iowa occurred with the completion of rail lines across the state. By 1870 transportation had been greatly expanded—which made it easier for farmers to market their products outside the Midwest” (1). This quote shows how much easier it became for farmers to take their products and sell them to people across the country. With this, agricultural goods were expanding to new horizons. Another great thing was that farmers were able to produce more at a faster rate. Iowa Pathways, an informational resource on the history of farming, talked about how the...

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...on with the aid of a computer and a database. Technology paved the way for our future generations to become innovators around the world. It is also so much easier for future generations to stay in contact with each other around the world with social networking sites. Long distance relationships now have become easier to maintain. And alas, medically technology has had so much innovation that is had made the lives of those suffering from pain, disease, and inability, so much more possible. Countries who have struggled with common disease, like malaria, are now being helped with power of technology. This is the type of unification the world needed, making global populations closer with the aid of innovation. Even though technology is captivating for the people around it, the benefit received by the global population definitely outweighs how controlling it could be.
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