Is Standardized Testing An Effective Measure Of Student Achievement?

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Is standardized testing an effective measure of student achievement? The No Child Left Behind Act was made to close student achievement gaps by providing all children with a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. Every year students are required to take multiple standardized tests such as the end of grade, or end of course, exams along with the SAT or ACT. Although schools measure their student achievements by standardized testing, students do not always meet those standards. This is not an accurate measure of student achievement. As a student who doesn 't test well, standardized testing is always a challenge. After research, it has been proven that standardized testing does not measure the ability to comprehend material through multiple choice questions while having a time limit. Standardized testing became an accountability piece of the No Child Left Behind Legislation signed into effect by President George Bush in 2002. (Boduch 121). President George Bush thought testing could be an accountability piece so that the quality of public education was guaranteed to all students; it required all students to be tested every year in grades third to eighth in reading and math because of this, “A National study by the Center on Education Policy reported that since 2001, 44% of school districts had reduced time spent on science and social studies.” (“Is the Use”). The legislation was also put into place to show those schools that were failing, improving, or excelling in the two subjects. “Tests only measure specific areas like reading and math, rather than a full picture of children and how they learn, including creativity and collaboration skills.” (“Pros and Cons”). More attention was... ... middle of paper ... ...ent on standardized testing, education has not advanced. According to the research the legislation has shown little to no positive results since it was passed, instead it has caused many negative issues like, schools being shut down, student drop-out rates increasing and graduation rates decreasing immensely. The No Child Left Behind Act has failed. Student success should be measured in different ways and throughout the system, standardized tests show little to no student intelligence. “Real equal opportunity isn 't a “one size fits all” proposition. (Eskelsen Garcia, and Otha Thornton). Another reason the act has failed is because if a school is not 100% proficient it is shut down, it seems that if a school is shut down that means student will end up getting no education at all instead of the education they were receiving before the school was completely shut down.
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