Is Society too Dependent on Computers?

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In today’s society, computers are used in most areas of life such as communications across the globe, for students to do homework, commercial business, industrial sector, and many other parts of society. The use of computers have replaced other areas of life such as email has replaced mailing a letter to a friend, people use dating sites to find a relationship rather than going out to meet people, websites replacing newspapers, and more. The hypothesis is as computers continue to improve and take over more parts of daily life from people, then people will be becoming more depended on computers. Computers are in many forms such as a smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, and computers are found in cars/trucks, air conditions temperature controls, security systems to interface with smart phones, refrigerators are coming out with built in computer to program different features, and more. There are different sociological concepts which can be applied to the idea in which people are too dependent on computers. One of the sociological concepts is the social conflict approach. According to Macionis (2010), social conflict approach is a framework for building theory which sees society as in arena where people’s inequality is what causes the conflict and change in society, (p15). People can use computers to search the internet to find answers to problems they cannot figure out. Families living in a lower income may not have a computer they can use to have problems solved for them by finding the answer on the internet like the families with higher income which can afford a computer. An example would be children living in homes with a computer can use the computer to find the answer to their homework by posting questions on Yahoo Answers... ... middle of paper ... ... fulfil their job duties. The use of computers have reduced social interactions with some people that when going out with friends they do not have the social interactions skills of other people. They are sometimes shy in large groups and normally quiet at social gatherings. While computers to have the advantages of finding information, sharing information, and more, people are too dependent on the computers. Most people cannot go a few hours without a smart phone or using a computer. Works Cited Honea, C. (1999). Americans too dependent on technology. Retrieved from Knight, A. (2011). Too dependent on computers – yes. Retrieved from Macionis, J. (2010). Sociology. Boston, MA: Pearson Learning Solution.
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