Is Social Media Dependence A Mental Health Issue?

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Adolescence is the period of the approaching of the maturity. It characterizes by instability, rebellion, and constant renewal and progress in the rise towards human perfection. The danger of this stage is the shift from childhood to adulthood and the changes in the various appearances of growth (physical, mental, social, Emotional, religious, and moral). Teenagers are exposed to numerous conflicts, both internal and external. Adolescence is influenced by the experiences of the child in the previous stages and development is a continuous process and connected. Modern social structures in which adolescents live are responsible for the adolescent crisis. The more adolescents use social networking sites and the more they are given the mental importance…show more content…
The excessive use of the social networking site Facebook causes psychological disorders, especially among adolescents. People who are already suffering from depression may resort to social communication to fill the void in their lives, and the use of natural persons by excessive use of these sites may be one of the causes of depression that leads them to addictions over time. According to the article “Is Social Media Dependence a Mental Health Issue?” By Emma Stein, she stated that Social media ‘s addiction is the main idea of this article. The excessive use of the internet could lead to severe mental illness. The CASA Columbia created a survey that showed the correlation between social media use and drug abuse. They found that “Those that interact via social media daily are five times likelier to use tobacco, three times likelier to use alcohol, and twice as likely to use marijuana. Forty percent of these teens surveyed admit to having seen pictures of people under the influence.” This survey should be taken into consideration because a lot of teenagers get affected by peer pressure. Therefore, they believed once they see everyone trying drugs and posting pictures or videos related to it then, they should try it out
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