Is Rima And Nitya Being Considered A Minority?

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Connecting back to the idea of Rima and Nitya being considered a minority, each of them have experienced being considered a minority at some point in their life. A minority is defined as “a group in society distinguished from, and less dominant than, the larger and more numerous majority” according to the dictionary and a minority group is defined by Martin M. Merger (Race & Ethnic Relations, Martin N. Marger, 1991) states that “being apart of a group that, on the basis of their physical and or cultural traits.” Growing up in Pakistan, Rima was not a minority and was inevitably a part of the dominant group in Pakistan due to her heritage and ethnicity. Living in London now, Rima is not treated or considered to be a part of the dominant race in the United Kingdom. Rima clearly stated and repeated several times that she didn’t feel as though she was apart of any sort of minority group in London and was treated equally due to her ethnicity. In addition, Nitya has always been considered to be a minority in the U.S. and has faced issues of discrimination in connection in being apart of a minority group. Nitya also shares the same views as Rima in the fact that she doesn’t feel any particular discrimination against her ethnicity, but feels being a female faces more discrimination in her life personally. This issue matters because women in today’s world still feel as though race and ethnicity is not an issue, but gender still is and the role of women in the world is still negative. Even though Rima has a high power and leadership role in her job, a strong education and brilliant mind, gender is still a main issue. This further concludes the issue of being apart of a minority group because even though Race and Ethnicity Interview Pa... ... middle of paper ... ... To further conclude these ethnic and racial interviews, many aspects of culture, identification and issues of gender were partial discoveries in this experiment. With a large issue of discrimination in today’s society and determining how Rima and Nitya retrospectively identify themselves to other people, it was proven to be different than most studies to show that generally people change periodically how they are identified. Another major discovery analyzed and found in this study was that others have faced severe discrimination towards an individual due to their ethnicity, but many others say that discrimination has never been something that has affected them. Lastly the process of assimilation and adapting to a particular social mainstream, can mainly change due to one’s upbringing and aspect of being apart of a dominant race in that culture or a minority group.

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