Is Ralph a Good Leader?

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There comes a time where a leader faces a challenge and has to change their attitude and personality to become a good leader. Even though a person feels uncomfortable becoming something they are not, there is the utmost respect because that leader displays an act of bravery, and gives others a chance for hope. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding helps identify the main character and leader, Ralph show the important aspects of bravery, order, and morality in being rational for others in difficult times. Ralph portrays bravery as one of the decisive traits to acquire in order to become a good leader. From the beginning of the novel, Ralph’s first reaction, after being stranded on the island was to call out for others. “Ralphed continued to blow [the conch] till voices shouted in the forest… Signs of life were now visible on the beach.” After finding Piggy right beside him, an abundant amount of kids came to the beach, where the conch was heard. The children then gazed their eyes to the man that blew the shell, waiting for their next step. Ralph knew that he was now in a position of a leader. Having other people rely on a person for a difficult challenge in life does not come easy. Especially for a child to be chosen as a person to rely on a difficult task shows great strength of bravery. Survival and civilization play the biggest role on the island, and the children chose Ralph to lead them through it. As Ralph is chosen a brave role on the island, he has to maintain a good system of order and civilization on the island. His first system of order is to use the conch as a way to order assemblies, and decide as a group what would be best on the island. In one of the first assemblies, Ralph suggests that the children create a fire,... ... middle of paper ... what he wants. Sadly, Jack only wants violence and immorality. When all the boys try to kill Ralph for not obeying the “new chief”, they are all stopped by a British officer that saw the conflagration made on the island. From the instant the captain said, “What have you been doing? Having a war or something?” all the boys wept with tears, realizing the horrors and mistakes they’ve made. But unfortunately it was too late to change the past. They could only move forward, holding onto the past they wish to forget. In conclusion, William Golding gives Ralph the important qualities of bravery, order, and morality in order to become a good leader in challenging times. Ralph set the model that in any situation, good defeats evil. The best way to fight dark times is to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and replace the memories of horror, to the memories of joy.

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