Is Nuclear Power Worth the Risk?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Nuclear Energy In the following, the benefits and drawbacks of generating electricity with the use of nuclear energy will be discussed. Advantages Large amount of energy production Nuclear power produces huge amount of energy through nuclear fission. 1 ton of uranium fuel, which is used as a fuel in generating electricity, equals to 50,000 tons of fossil fuels for generating the same amount of electricity. Since a small amount of nuclear fuel can produce a large amount of energy, it is powerful and efficient. No air pollution Unlike fossil fuels, nuclear energy has the lowest impact on the environment since it does not release any gases like carbon dioxide, methane which are largely responsible for greenhouse effect. Therefore, nuclear is treated as a clean source of energy supply. Lower operating costs The cost of uranium is quite low. The average life of nuclear reactor ranges from 40-60 years depending upon its usage. These factors make the cost of producing electricity relatively low. Even if the cost of uranium rises, the increase in cost of electricity will be much lower. Reliable The uranium fuel is expected to last for another 100 years while coal and natural gas are limited and are expected to vanish soon. Moreover, different to traditional renewable sources of energy like solar and wind which depend on the weather condition in producing electricity, nuclear energy can be produced from nuclear power plants and unaffected by the weather. Disadvantages Radiation Radiation on humans and the environment can cause serious damage and injury. If a human body intake 100-1000 millisieverts of radiation in one hour, there will be a significant increase in risk of having cancer. The central... ... middle of paper ... ... 2010. Debate: Does the world need nuclear energy? 26 June 2012. 14 April 2014 . Gilani, Ijaz Shafi and Rushna Shahid. “Impact of Japan Earthquake on VIEWS ABOUTNUCLEARENERGY.” 19 April 2011. Gallup. 20 April 2014 . Henderson, Harry. Nuclear physics. Facts on File, 1998. Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company (HKNIC). n.d. 12 March 2014 . Nuclear Energy Rising At The Expense of Renewable Power. 9 March 2014. 12 March 2014 . Nuclear Power. n.d. 12 March 2014 . The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). n.d. 12 March 2014 .
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