Is NCLB Necessary?

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Is the NCLB really necessary? The No Child Left Behind act is a nationwide legal system that is considered to improve our education system. The NCLB act improves our education system by setting a standard for each school to meet (a required academic standard), hire high quality teachers, improve communication with parents, and provide a safe environment for the students. However after the NCLB act took effect, not much was accomplished. Now many question whether the NCLB is really necessary. The No Child Left Behind’s purpose is to improve the education by creating a standard in which all students should meet the requirements. These standards consist of all students meeting proficient or above in reading and math by 2014. Similarly the criterion to education was raised after the NCLB act required schools to carry out “scientifically based research" also known as “Science fair projects.” Moreover the NCLB supports “early literacy though the Early Reading First Initiative”. Furthermore the NCLB “emphasizes reading, language arts, mathematics, and scientific achievement as "core academic subjects.” The Department of Education points to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) [in 2005] showing improved students achievements in reading and math: “More progress was made by nine-year olds in reading in the last five years than in the previous twenty-eight years combined”; “reading and math scores for black and Hispanic nine-year olds reached an all time high”; and the achievement gaps in reading and math between black and white nine-year olds, and Hispanic and white nine year olds were at an all time low”. In addition, the NCLB bill increases the accountability that is required of the schools and its teachers. Tho... ... middle of paper ... time into mathematics and English. The No Child Left Behind is a legal act that supports education for equality for all in which no one is left behind. Yet many insufficiencies of the NCLB which proves that this educational system is not perfect and there are many flaws within this system that needs to be fixed. And there is a focus on the “below proficient” students yet this system is doing little to improve its goals. This system is ultimately unnecessary and should be eminently revamped. Works Cited
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