Is Marion Pranchard A Hero

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A hero is not always a person with a mask and a cape. A hero is someone who goes out of their way to save or help others, no matter what the consequence may be. Someone who risks something, like their life, just for another, even if they don’t know them. For example, Marion Pritchard helped save many Jewish children and adults during the terrifying years of the Holocaust. She lied, cheated, stole, kidnapped, and even killed to save the lives of people she didn’t know. She put her life on the line for complete strangers. Someone might ask why. She knew it was the right thing to do, even though she knew she could have gotten killed for what she was doing. Heroes are not always someone with super powers. Marion Pritchard should be considered a hero because of all the things she had done for other people. Marion Pritchard was a normal woman growing up in Amsterdam, Holland. Her father was a liberal judge and her mother was a homemaker. She only had one younger brother at the time and he was only a kid. Her father and mother showed and taught Marion throughout her life to be very respectful and considerate of others. Marion helped others…show more content…
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