Is Jaws A Blockbuster Movie

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Jaws (1975), directed by Steven Spielberg, is considered to be the first “blockbuster” film ever created. A blockbuster in film is defined as a motion picture or novel, especially one lavishly produced that has or is expected to have wide popular appeal or financial success. Jaws came out on June 20, 1975. Bill Higgins states in his article, “Jaws ' place in Hollywood blockbuster history was cemented in the summer of 1975 when it was No. 1 at the box office for 14 consecutive weeks en route to making history as the first film to gross more than $100 million” (Higgins). Based on the definition of a blockbuster, Jaws truly meets every criterion to be called a blockbuster and was the first blockbuster film ever created because of its widespread…show more content…
The mystery of the shark was the focal point of the marketing. Movies at this time did not have plots as simple to comprehend, yet intricate with entertaining details which made them harder to advertise and create the anticipation similar to that of Jaws. “The studios didn 't quite understand the appeal of pictures like ' 'The Graduate, ' ' ' 'Bonnie and Clyde, ' ' ' 'Easy Rider ' ' and ' 'M*A*S*H ' ' and certainly couldn 't replicate it. (For that matter, they couldn 't even figure out how to clone ' 'Love Story. ' ') But ' 'Jaws ' ' was, on the face of it, entertainment of a type the studios knew how to produce” (Rafferty). The plot was for both adults and children. The terrifying plot leaves all viewers on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next. The happy ending in which Hooper and Brody defeat the shark, is something that everyone can enjoy and they are able to end the film with a sense of relief. “What makes a horror movie more disturbing than other kinds of suspense thrillers and action movies -- police dramas, say, or the international intrigue Tom Clancy serves up -- is that the anxiety it generates is magnified by a sense of helplessness: you 're up against a force that can 't be mastered by reason”

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