Is It Possible to End World Poverty?

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Today we’re facing a big problem, it’s not a new one but an on-going one and it has been going on for decades. What is poverty? Poverty is the state of not being able to afford basic needs, in other words, it is the condition of being extremely poor. It is an issue which has troubled the nation for thousands of years. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Around 21,000 people die every day because of extreme hunger. If they don’t have money, they won’t be able to afford food, water and shelter. Therefore, they’re constantly malnourished, and get sick easily. This causes them to have less energy to work which causes them to become even poorer and hungrier. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when people speak about poverty is laziness, it can be right but it is mostly wrong. Each person has a different cause of poverty and it is more than just laziness. Sometimes, it also has something to do with the country’s economy.

There are no simple explanations on what the causes of poverty are. The stereotypic explanation persists that the poor cause their own poverty. One of the problems is the unemployment. Firms these days are constantly searching for well educated, experienced, skilled and intelligent employees. The high unemployment rate is because of the lack of education given to poor people. When given the chance, most of the people living under poverty will do the best they can to earn enough money to support their families. Poverty is also due to high housing costs. These days, the price of houses are getting higher and higher and soon most people won’t be able to afford a place to live in, let alone food to eat or water to drink.


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...ies have also put their funds into education, a staggering $14.5 million from the US alone. This money helps train teachers and buy book to educate those who are poor. According to those figures, it appears that the aid given by other countries is effective.

Personal response-
Personally, I think poverty is a big problem in the world and it’s not easy to reduce or end. I hope that slowly, one day, poverty will come to an end so life wouldn’t be so tough on the younger generation and they get a better education and better jobs and unemployment rates will fall as well as crime rates all around the world. Poverty is the main cause of crime rates and unemployment rates and if we rid of poverty, unemployment rate and crime rate will decrease.

In conclusion, I believe that it is possible to end world poverty but it takes a lot of time and it isn’t easy.