Is It Possible Not to Borrow Money? Privatized Banking

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Have you ever just calculated how much of your money goes into interest or fees that are acquired from borrowing money from banks each year. When you finance for a home or car the interest can often add up to more then the original price, But what if you didn't have to borrow from banks or lenders anymore what if you were able to become your own bank! This is actually very possible borrowing could be a thing of the past with a Private banking system. I would like to tell you about the infinite banking system developed by Nelson Nash, the advantages of it and the disadvantages of it.
First The infinite banking system Created by Nelson Nash is a fairly simple yet effective system to achieve a privatized banking system. It relies on Whole life policy’s which over time will build up cash value and even pay dividends Once you have a policy you will begin paying premiums into the policy based on your death benefits chosen and your overall health and life These premiums are paid for the first five to seven years this is known as the capitalization phase and is ve...

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