Is Israel’s Very Survival Dependent on the Creation of a Stable and Viable Palestinian State?

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Prompt: Is Israel’s very survival dependent on the creation of a stable and viable Palestinian state?
Let us have ambitions; ambitions to move beyond the violence and occupation, to the day when two states, Palestine and Israel, can live together side by side in peace and security. ~King Abdullah II. In the country of Israel there are two conflicting ethnic/religious groups, the Israelis and the Palestinians. Israelis have most of the power, and run the actual state of Israel, whereas Palestinians have only inconsequential amounts of authority outlined by the Oslo Accords, for this reason, there has been ongoing conflict amongst Israelis and Palestinians. This conflict began when the Romans expelled Jews from this area in 31 BCE, which gave Palestinians the rights to inheritance, but then after the near eradication of Europe’s Jews in World War II, the United States let Jews back into the country of Israel. Currently many Muslim Palestinians feel that Israel was stolen from them, and this is a source of major inter-ethnic tension in Israel. Although Israel is a regional superpower, its national security entirely depends upon the creation of a stable Palestinian state, and idea supported by Muhammad himself.
In the Middle East, Israel is one of the strongest countries. According to Aaron Miller, Author of The Much too Promised Land, Israel has a large and vibrant “high-tech” sector, and companies in said sector hold 120 different stocks on American exchanges (Miller, Document 2). On the authority of Rami Khouri, columnist, the United States has shown great respect and friendship to Israel ( Khouri, Document 1). American support in Israel has helped to boost their economy and create the modern nation that exists today. Without he...

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...lims and Jews have different religious views, but only the Jews are violating the other party’s religious rights. If Palestine was granted statehood, no longer would its residents be having their rights violated, but their interpretation of the word of their founder would be upheld.
Israel has a strong economy, and no one can argue with that, but an economy is not the most important facet of a strong, stable country. Its national security is threatened because Palestinians are sick of oppression, and the Israeli ideas do not coincide very well with the Palestinian ideas of government. As King Abdullah II said, Israel needs to move past the violence and occupation, to create better lives for all of the people living there. Only Palestinian statehood would let Israel survive and prosper, in a still troubled world. Two states working together to create a new future.

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