Is Homosexuality Ethically Wrong?: Is Homosexuality A Sin?

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Is homosexuality ethically wrong? Is homosexuality a sin? Is homosexuality immoral? In today’s culture, many people consider homosexuality to be quite normal. Some would even consider it to be a “legitimate” lifestyle. While the Bible, on the other hand, claims that homosexuality comes from straying away from “natural relations”. Much of the scripture goes very little in depth on the subject since Biblical Authority need not to give more reason. While both sides of the social argument have many wells of knowledge to pull from, disagreements are much harder to settle when completely based on someone’s opinion or even the opinion of a higher power. As described in the passage from Boonin and Oddie, “A popular and rather simple argument is based…show more content…
Love and sex are two of our most natural animalistic cravings. Straight from the unconscious, and conscious thoughts of the brain. These behaviors are predisposed by our chemical makeup regardless of our gender or sexual preference. Many people would not feel like they have lived a completely fulfilled life without having experienced the acts of both romantic or sexual behaviors. Even in the most inebriated states, a man and a woman are known to have a sex drive that appears without a single comprehensive thought crossing their…show more content…
According to a recently released premise, the reason may not lie solely in DNA. But instead, as the child begins to develop, and gender related genes are produced, the level of hormones in the womb fluctuate wildly. These spikes of hormones consist almost exclusively of estrogen and testosterone in attempts to further the process of gender development. In many studies, by countless numbers of scientists, it has been noted that both males and females who identify as homosexual, have increased amounts of testosterone in their system. Most of which stemming from an overproduction of testosterone in the mother’s womb. Meaning that our urge for sexual intercourse and the attraction to the same gender, are both the product of one natural body

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