Is Homeschooling a Better Choice?

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Is Homeschooling a Better Choice?

He is up with the sun, ready to go. He waits patiently for his brothers and sisters, but today is the first day of school and he is eager to start on his studies. All of the children are assembled in the front foyer as the big, yellow school bus zooms past their house. None of the children seem to notice. Instead, the group of eager students proceeds into their "schoolroom" to greet their teacher, also known as "Mom."

Even as early as the turn of the century, children were often taught at home by their parents. Most often, this was because of the need of help on the family farm, location, or the lack of money. The description above, however, is one of a modern family. Home schooling is the fastest growing idea in education in the United States and beyond, in such countries as England, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. (Blumenfeld 1)

Probably the most asked question of homeschooling is, "Why?" Many parents feel the guardians of homeschooled children have deprived those children of social intelligence. They may feel that the children are taken away and are isolated for all their childhood years. This idea couldn’t be more far from the truth. Parents homeschool their children because they care about the education they receive. They know the public school system is in trouble. So much so, things such as becoming intellectually crippled and seriously handicapped are effective for 40 to 60 percent of schoolchildren. This academic problem is due to the educational means and methods public schoolchildren are brought up on. Reading disabilities diagnosed later on in life, such as dyslexia and attention deficit disorder can be caused by these teaching methods. ADD is often treated by the drug R...

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...oses. (Blumenfeld 112-116)

Homeschooling isn’t just an idea; it’s a way of life. The parents know their children, and kids learn naturally, with out any help, so continuing their interests through one on one interaction could only be good on them. Children learn so much more about the world around when they can be active participants in it. This is an idea that is long overdue.

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