Is High School Just : Winging It?

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Is High School Just “Winging It?” As young adults start their high school years, students do not think about what that means in the real world. In real life, we have to work, manage our money, and think about careers. For a lot of high school students, may I dare say most, they do not have a clue about what it means or what to expect as an adult. The high schools should be offering more real world classes as electives or extra classes that can be taken. High schools should offer classes on how to apply for a job and how to file taxes. High schools should also offer more opportunities for students to leave school with more real world experience. Today students are only pushed through the system. Students are not given enough information and enough opportunities upon entering and throughout high school. We need to produce more productive members of society. Today students are so worried about uploading their social media accounts to consider the fact that most high school aged children cannot even sweep a floor. Kids these days seem to be more concerned about their popularity status than the trash littering their own streets. No longer are our children learning about what it means to be an adult. Our children are suffering because of what is not being taught in schools. Both parents are forced to work full-time jobs, also with the advancement of technology children are not learning the basic skills they need to be productive individuals. High school should offer more information about what to expect and how to plan your high school experience upon entering high school. Schools, in general, should be making a much bigger deal about it and offer more information from the start. When a student goes into the ninth g... ... middle of paper ... ... enough? The questions that should be on every students’ mind should be am I just winging it, am I doing enough to make a difference in my life and my future? The school really is a place for critical thinking. Our children should be challenged to be someone better. We need more able-bodied individuals that have self-respect and have learned how to truly respect others. We as a society need these students coming out of high school to be ready to face life as an adult. Our schools can help teach our future politicians’, bankers’, bakers’ and nurses’ a sense of self-worth and accountability. If we start now we might just make a difference. Bring back the true learning experience. Let our kids make these types of decisions while they still have the guidance. Give our students the opportunity to help one another. We can bring back a real sense of community.
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