Is Health insurance for everyone

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Recently President Obama has enacted new Health Care Reforms requiring everyone to have some form of insurance. Many citizens have a problem with being forced to buy insurance that is to expensive; or finding insurance policies that are affordable monthly, but the copays are too expensive to ever be able to use their policies. There is also the issue of some people do not believe in western medicine and have other practices of healing. I feel that it is unfair to make people finically or morally burdened by forcing them to buy health insurance. I know many people who would rather pay a fine than be forced into something they do not want or cannot afford. THIS LEADS TO THE ARGUMENT IS IT FAIR TO FORCE PEOPLE TO HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE.
Obama care is designed to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance, and to reduce the growth in health care spending in the U.S. according to ( Is forcing citizens to sign up for health insurance really going to help them get quality health insurance or reduce health car spending? I feel that we need to fix our systems and how doctors treat people; and maybe than more people would be inclined to have health insurance and use it. For example I have insurance through my husband’s work, but the copays are so high we cannot afford to use it regularly. When we do go we are not treated like our time and money matter, for instance I went for severe abdominal pain, and was told I am over weight go home and lose weight and I should be fine. Why would anyone want to pay monthly for insurance rates and high copays to be treated that way? If people were not rushed and treated with respect and dignity, more people would not have a problem paying for services.
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...s paying into health insurance would increase jobs in the medical field. LA Times reports to the contrary “Among the questions they're asking is: If healthcare spending is rising so fast, why is healthcare job growth flat? As Austin Frakt of Boston University puts it, the data "suggest that Americans recently poured a lot more of the national economy into health care without moving the needle on the rate of growth in real, human resources (jobs) devoted to delivering care.” (LA times) So if imposing health insurance on American citizens was supposed to help with lowering cost and create an opening for more jobs why is this not the case? I feel it is because like me a lot of Americans feel we should have the freedom of choice. Again if we try and fix the system of how people are treated and the cost of insurance we would not have to force people into insurance.
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