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Is He or isn't She - Original Writing I reach my destination, not really convinced how I should feel, or what I should anticipate! A mid terraced house, unsure of the area, but seems calm. A cold October evening, 5 pm and already the streets are dimly lit, a clear sky above, evidently displaying the dazzling stars that gleam beyond. I approach the house to a very inviting welcome, are they really friendly people or do they not get many visitors? I make my way to the lounge and take a seat, a small table in the corner draped in a lace cloth, a bookshelf that covers one entire wall and bursting to the brim with books. I'm immediately offered refreshments before given the chance to proceed with the interview, "A cup of tea would be great, thanks". Where do I start? A very complicated person, whose life is full of twists and turns. Kris, 5ft 8in tall, medium built with shoulder length hair, the kind of hair I would describe a 60's rock star to have, like Mick Jagger's, the rough and ready look. Born in London, but you wouldn't know by her accent, she has more of a neutral tone. She grew up with the feeling of not belonging! It all started when schooling began, nursery then infants. She just didn't fit in and her parents didn't know what to do. "Send her off to boarding school, that'll change things." I sit there, listening to every word that is spoken to me. She's obviously very wounded and distraught by the whole circumstances, as her parents were going through a divorce at this time, but did her mother really feel that this would be the best option, or was it that she didn't know what else to do, maybe she needed to escape? She sits opposite me, fidgeting, almost non-stop, legs crossed to one side and then instantaneously switching over to the other, arms folded, and the only time they unfolded is to remove the hair in her eyes, or to twiddle uncontrollably with her fingers.

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