Is Hamlet Justified Analysis

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Are Hamlet’s actions justified by killing his uncle Claudius? His actions weren’t justified and there are many ways that his actions weren’t justified. I will be showing you all the ways his actions weren’t justified in killing his uncle in revenge for killing his father.
First, he was not justified because of the treatment of Gertrude. Hamlet’s fathers ghost had told Hamlet when they were talking outside that he only wanted revenge for his uncle murdering him and when Hamlet asked him what about my mother and then the ghost said leave her to heaven and to those thorns that in her bosom lodge, to prick and sting her. He was explaining to Hamlet that he didn’t want anything bad to happen to her just for her to have that burden of moving on
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Hamlet and Ophelia had loved each other and Hamlet had even promised to marry her. After he found out his father had been murdered though he acted like he had gone crazy to fool everyone. (Doc. C) When he did that Hamlet and Ophelia talked and he said you shouldn’t have believed me I never loved you and that broke her heart and he called her a fool and that why would anyone marry a fool. Hamlet also told her to go to a nunnery which means a brothel for prostitutes so he was calling her a prostitute. After he said those wretched things he yelled at her to leave quickly and then he said farewell. After that she leaves and says to herself he promised to marry me, he is dead and gone. The next day Ophelia drowns herself in the river over the guilt and sadness she had over Hamlet not loving her and Hamlet killing her father. (Doc.…show more content…
When Hamlet and the ghost of his father were talking in the woods about how his uncle killed him Hamlet’s father told him while getting revenge he wanted Hamlet to get his revenge fast and swift and not to wait or hesitate in getting revenge. (Doc. A) Hamlet could have killed Claudius early when he was praying and would have saved the suffering and deaths of all the others. He called himself a peasant, slave, coward, and rouge. He tells himself he is brave but he is being sarcastic in saying that and shows very low opinion of himself because he fails at getting revenge for his father and keeps failing instead of just getting it over with when he had that chance. (Doc.
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