Is Google Making USupid Nicholas Carr Analysis

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It is a well-known fact that the Internet has become a central part of society, and it has completely changed every aspect of life for the human race, whether it is for better or worse. Nicholas Carr explains his thoughts on how the Internet has changed how people think in his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” He believes that the human race is losing its ability to think deeply and is creating a distraction culture, and that companies like Google are working to increase this way of thinking. However, the issue of how the human brain is changing with the Internet is very complex, and the answer to this question goes beyond a simple yes or no.
Nicholas Carr’s article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” evaluates the effect that the Internet has had on the human brain. He argues that, since becoming an integral part of society, the Internet is rewiring the brain to be more distracted easily and to lose capacity for deep reading and thinking, instead prioritizing efficient and immediate reading. He
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Some, like Donald Morrison, a former editor of TIME Magazine, say that they have never felt smarter. “Just as we survived the advent of the telephone, radio, and television—which experts back then warned would fry our brains—the Internet may actually be making us smarter” (Morrison). They argue that even though the Internet may shorten memory and attention span, it allows us to do things that were never possible before the Internet. Also, while there is evidence that finding information on the Internet makes people less likely to remember it, it is not the only situation in which this effect is the case. It has been found that when people work in groups they are also less likely to remember straight facts (Bell). We do not necessarily need to have extensive memory of trivial facts anymore because, with the Internet, we can go to Google and find any answer we need and more in
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