Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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Google; it 's bright, simple, and inviting colors call to you when you make a search on the website. When I first read the title of Nicholas Carr 's essay "is Google making us stupid" I immediately asked myself, "what do I use Google for?" I use Google for almost every thing from work, leisure browsing, and most importantly school. I use about any source that I find credible by using Google as a platform, heck I used Google to find my sources for this essay you are reading. The use of the Internet to browse Google allows us to access scholarly sources, has readily available sources at anytime, and is easy to navigate. Google is just one step on heightening our senses into the digital scholarly world. Google is a wonderful tool for quick referencing and for looking up information in a timely manner. In Carr’s essay he stated that “research that once required days in stacks or periodical room of libraries can now be done in minutes.” (Carr…show more content…
One author had this to say about using Google “The best part: The answers show up right under or to the right of the search bar, so you don’t have to look through search results or do any clicking.” (Tekspert) This makes it very convenient when you do a metric conversion you can just simply type change “feet to inches”, and it will display the answer right below for you. I find that this makes my life so much simpler, because it lets me use Google to check the work that I have done. I also have used the “define” function that’s built into google, to not only define words that I’m not sure as to what the definition is, but I also have used it to build my vocabulary skills. I can type the word I want, then I can use the synonyms of the word to better my word choice in the future. Google is used for many purposes. Information changes all the time and and the ease of Google is a way to keep up on
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