Is Google Making USupid And The Dreams Of Readers By Nicholas Carr

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Technology and the internet, have changed the lives of many people and affected the way we process our information. While there once was a time where sitting down and reading a book seemed like an escape from life, reading now is something many readers want to process as quick as they possibly can. Two chapters of the book, “UTOPIA IS CREEPY and other Provocations,” by author Nicholas Carr, really illustrate how reading has changed in the last few decades. The chapters “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” and “The Dreams of Readers” both touch on the central idea that we are looking for efficiency when we read. Essentially when we read, we want to get our information as fast as we can get it, and then move on to the next task. Another theme that is present, is the social aspect that we get out of reading and how that has changed with technology. To start off with however, it would be wise to analyze the focus points of the two chapters. Google has left a mark on academics and the way readers process information in general. In the Chapter “IS Google Making Us Stupid?” it…show more content…
and The Dreams of Readers. In a sense it like Is Google Making Us Stupid, because the girl is so distracted from the aunts’ story, as she’s swiping through different pictures of so many different things going on. It is almost as she was reading one thing, then gets distracted by the next. This is similar to how reading is described in Is Google Making Us Stupid?. On the other hand, in The Dreams of Readers, it relates to how society is skeptical of solitude, so by the young girl being on Facebook she feels as if she is not alone relating to all her friends and being able to like their posts. However, on the contrast she is not getting the empathetic experience, because she is not listening to her aunts’ story of what happened to her at the store. In this situation the aunt is the equivalent of the book, in The Dreams of

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