Is God a Personal Being?

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When speaking of God and all of his bounty, it seems as though one must not overlook the possibility of a personal being. The concept of God has always been synonymous with that of a person or personal being, dating back theistically. Philosophically, it is extremely difficult to decipher whether or not God actually possesses qualities, which would grant him personhood. God is established as a "being" who has complete knowledge of the world's composition and complete understanding of its laws, as well as, an awareness of everything and everyone. In addition, God is viewed, as someone who sincerely cares how others are treated, who grieves our suffering, and who ultimately wants what is best for us. Having said this, the qualities listed previously are all attributes of a personal being, or a being that possesses high-level mental abilities. God is by no means a human being, however he/she carries the most superior human traits. God is simply thought of as a conscious being that experiences similar mental states to those of a person. The mind of God surpasses that of any human being in incalculable ways, however, this mind remains rooted in our experiences and beliefs in everyday life. Without the basis of these experiences, man would have no concept or idea of what it would be for God to be a personal being, and for that matter, to possess the high level mental abilities which we have bestowed upon Him. In superficial terms, the speculation concerning the concept of a personal God is very similar to that of the concept of a supernatural subject. However, one must keep in mind that when dealing with God, one is dealing with the greatest possible example or subject of consciousness. This is a being who can do anything that can be done, a being who knows all truths, and a being who is shrouded in
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