Is Global Warming Caused by Human Activities?

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Is Global Warming Caused by Human Activities?

Although Earth has supported human and life for a long time, it faces many problems. One problem is that the Earth is growing warmer. It leads to glacier melting and disasters like the tsunami. According to Union of concerned Scientists, the extreme weather events such as sea level rise, more frequent heat waves, and growing wildfire risks are the results of global warming. It is true that droughts are becoming longer and wildfire is increasing. I believe that human activities are warming our Earth and leading to increases in weather events.

I think that one reason for this problem is the gas that is emitted by burning of fossil fuels to make electricity, and drive car. These gases are called greenhouse gases which include Carbone dioxide(CO2), Methane (CH4) etc. (United States Environmental Protection Agency). CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas and it enters the atmosphere through burning coal and oil. Spotts(2013) presents that more than half of the global warming is due to greenhouse gases by human activities.

Deforestation is also another reason for global warming by human activities. We use a lot of trees and other natural resources. Trees are cut down or burned for livestock, plantations of commodities. According to Salleh(2014), livestock is responsible for 12 per cent of greenhouse gas because forests are removed for the pasture. The removal of forests causes global warming because trees absorb carbon and other air pollutants. If the forests disappear, they are no longer available to absorb CO2. Consequently, lots of CO2 will be released into the atmosphere and lead to global warming.

Can we reduce global warming? I believe that we can reduce global warming. CO2 emission might be reduced if fossil fuel is replaced with new energy resources. Wind and water power take place of fossil fuel. Unlike oil and gas, wind and water are not limited and don't make greenhouse gas. It can help reduce pollution and prevent from rising temperature. We can reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. For example, using electronic car or hybrid car, reducing the number of miles we drive are way to decrease gas.

Recycling is another solution to this problem because the forest is conserved. We have limited natural resources, and these are being exhausted. Recycled paper can save many trees so these can help to prevent global warming. For example, according to Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, recycling saves 3 to 5 times the energy generated by waste-to-energy plants.
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