Is Global Warming A Natural Occurrence or Caused By Humans?

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One hundred years from now the once habitual and prosperous Earth has become chaotic and unlivable. There are endless droughts and intense storms that annihilate everything in their path. Entire species have gone extinct while the ones left alive struggle to fight for survival and dominance until nothing is left. This is Earth; the plant that millions of life forms have called home has become a desolate world. This “future” is a result of Homo sapiens, simply referred to as humans, interfering with Earth’s natural processes leading to global warming. Global warming is a byproduct of our mundane day-to-day human activities such as driving or using electricity for instance. Unless the human race as a whole begins to take action against the threat of global warming then we are setting ourselves up to be the vanguard of our destruction. Despite the belief that climate change is a natural occurrence, global warming is caused by human activity through the release of greenhouse gases, deforestation, and pollution.
To understand how humans are responsible global warming, key difference between global warming and climate change must be defined. While both deal with temperature spikes, NASA explains that the major difference between the two is that one is impacts life on the planet on a broader scale,
Global change encompasses broader changes to all aspects of our world including areas such as the availability of water resources, sea-level rise, ocean acidification, and biodiversity. Climate change is used to emphasize the specific changes most commonly associated with the atmosphere and the ‘average weather’ ("Climate Change FAQ").
In comparison, global warming is theoretically looking at the
Although climate change can and does occur nat...

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