Is Everything Skin Deep?

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“I’d thought about the idea of living as a black person ever since I read John Howard Griffin’s Black Like Me.” This is an excerpt from Skin Deep: “Black Like Me” My Own Journey into the heart of Race-Conscious America. It was an intriguing story of how a young white male felt such an urge to encompass the life of a black man that he purposely changed his skin color. My first reaction was, “How strange for someone to do that” yet; as I read on I changed my initial reaction of puzzlement to, “What a reality check that must have been.”
There is no denying that racism still occurs and for someone to put themselves in a situation where they know they will fall victim to that is debatable. Some whites may wonder why a person would do such a thing and blacks may say that a few months in their shoes is nothing to an entire lifetime. White people will never know the magnitude of discrimination placed on the black man however, Joshua Solomon, the white man who lived for a few months as a black man, has had the chance to experience what black people go through every day and have gone through for decades.
Even in the first few days as a black man he faced discrimination by whites, ironically by his own nine year-old sister who had for the first time seen him after his transformation yelled, “Your Ugly!” Sadly, that was just the beginning of what was to come for Joshua as he ventured out into the world as a black man. It was v...
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