Is Everyone Allowed to Marry?

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Our society revolves around equality conspicuously in this age. As Charlize Theron once said, “Marriage equality is about more than just marriage. It's about something greater. It's about acceptance.” She, with no doubt, states that possessing the right of marriage, in same sex couples, is more meaningful than one could imagine. The allowance of same sex marriage means a broader acceptance by the surrounding people in the community. Of course, this could be a good thing for same sex couples. In the real world, not everyone agrees with this quote. Through the texts of “The Case against Homosexual Marriage” and “Same Sex Marriage: Just Say No to Prohibition” they contain a similar theme of same sex marriage, a difference of view towards the issue and they correspondingly contain difference in clarification of their opinion. Through both texts of Mohler and Block there’s a similar theme of same sex marriage which both authors discuss about. In Mohler’s essay, he explains his view of same sex marriage. He refers it as homosexual marriage. According to the essay, he states the issue of homosexual marriage displayed in the American people. As a man of religion, he would later justify his side by his beliefs. Likewise as in Mohler’s essay, Block talks about the issue of same sex marriage. In Block’s essay, she addresses about the issue of same sex marriage and the restrictions that couples have. She converses her personal experience that ties in to her view of same sex marriage. Nevertheless, both authors contain an opposite view of the issue, but both authors discuss about the issue thoroughly. Both authors contained a different view of the issue of same sex marriage faced in America. As Mohler stated, “Homosexual couples cannot fulfi... ... middle of paper ... ...ll because they were a same sex couple. This is when Block realized why everyone needs the right to be able to marry their loved one. When clarifying their view of same sex marriage, both stories covered different style of explanation of their view. The idea of same sex marriage can be easily stated as one of the hottest topic in the nation regarding equality. With the popularity of this topic, many people could tell their side towards the issue of same sex marriage. In both texts they contain comparative and contrasting perspectives: the theme of same sex marriage appears in the selections, difference of view position regarding the theme and difference over their elucidation for their side. Overall, not everyone will settle on the idea of equality for same sex couples to marry, but there are people who stalwartly justify equality for these couples' journey of love.

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