Is Education Has Shaped Me?

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Throughout all the time I have been in school from pre-school to my senior year in high school. I have never really thought about how my education has come to shape me because I would only question it at the very end of the school year; what have I really learned this year?, but now that I am in college and my English professor is making everything eye opening it has made me aware that school has shaped me in some form. Most of my teachers follow a curriculum where it is not beneficial to me at all. The way I was taught this whole time affected me in a way I did not see because I adjusted to the environment. The reality is education has shaped me to have fear of deception, to accept, and to not question anything at all. I have a fear of being deceived by people, but education has been doing it for years now. I would sit in class with my other classmates and just observe. If at any point I misunderstood a point made, I would not ask for clarification because my teacher would put me on the spot. There was a time in where I was in class and I got really confused. So I raised my hand to get clarification and my teacher came by therefore I asked my question. She then pauses while starting to approach to the front of the classroom. I was really confused when she then says, I do not want to put you on the spot Alondra, but in case anyone else did this etc…It is very difficult to comprehend what is really going on at times because I see nothing wrong with the picture, but the other person knows exactly what they are referring to. It is tough for me to read in between the lines and understand the real message. “Rose what the hell kind of name is that?” “Italian sir,” I squeaked. “Italian Ho. Rose do you know the sound a bag of shit makes ... ... middle of paper ... ...k is often evaluated not according to whether they got it right or wrong.. Whether the children followed the right steps” (Anyon 173). Often teachers do not care to explain to a student the work they have assigned because they think students should already know the material and what the teacher expects from the class in general. Some students have their way of learning or have a technique that really helps them out. The teacher is not looking for how it is beneficial for a student but more of did this student listen and follow my directions. It is hard not to question concepts when you are lost in the concept, but also some teachers do not notice they know the concept so well that they do not explain it in a way that is understood in a beginner level. It is hard to get the teacher to understand when they already have a set point because they are in the ones in power.
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