Is Education A Better Life?

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How to get a better life in the future? Literally to get a better life one has to get through education. This process takes about sixteen years to complete, but when someone joins this process they have to follow the U.S. education system. Education in the United States has been following one idea that comes from a foreign region “The Prussians”. It has been evolving over the years and it has remained adjoining new ideas. Some of these new ideas involve many circumstances which have changed the concept of education. In “Entitlement Education” Daniel Bruno suggests that education has been overall cheating students, and that it is competitive to graduate and to get a job; also, in “What is Education?,” Petra Pepellashi states that education would have been better with Thomas Jefferson’s model of critical thinking rather than the Prussian model way of respecting authority. Above all, education remains competitive, and it continues cheating students because of the usage of the Prussian model rather than Thomas Jefferson’s vision.
How has education depicted from history? Pepellashi tells us how education descended from history. It all started when the U.S. did not have any vision of education for the American people. The piece states that education comes from this one model that everyone followed, “the Prussian model”. This model shapes that students are being enforced to learn in an easy way rather than a difficult way. The student does not acknowledge what he/she is being taught, so this student obeys to whatever he/she learns. They are being thought to follow authority, a way a life that everyone has lived on. Pepellashi says that “Maybe we would respect authority more while blindly following authority less if education followed t...

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...though their college dreams were to be doctors and lawyers and pharmacists and engineers, will be waiting tables” (269). In today’s competitive world students have less chances to succeed in school and to find a job. He also states that if students should’ve never been cheated, competition between students wouldn’t exist, and education was going to base on intelligence rather than knowledge.
The Prussian vision of education depicts many reasons a student does not develop his/her career. They are being tamed without them knowing it, and also they are being forced to follow authorities’ steps. When following these steps the student leads to consumerist and fails in intelligence. The competitive world would have been better to follow another vision, a vision that supports education and that really demands intelligence rather than knowledge like Thomas Jefferson’s model.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that to get a better life, one has to follow the u.s. education system, which has been evolving over the years and remained adjoining new ideas.
  • Analyzes how pepellashi tells us how education descended from history. it all started when the u.s. did not have any vision of education for the american people.
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