Is Drinking And Driving A Problem For Teenagers

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Is Drinking and Driving a Problem for Teenagers Underage drinking is a huge problem in the U.S. today, claiming about an estimated 5, 000 annual deaths of underage youth, according to researchers. Teen Drivers ages 16-20 are 17 times more liable to die in a crash when they have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% compared to when they have not been drinking. Teen drivers are not as much more likely than adults to drive after drinking alcohol, but teen driver’s collision risk is substantially higher when they do. Particularly true at low and moderate blood alcohol concentrations. In many cases, most of those killed in alcohol-related crashes involving teen drivers are the young teen drivers themselves and their passengers who are teens also. Maybe it 's time to try an alternate solution to dispute teen drinking and driving rates, such as the extending the Shattered Dreams program in schools. In the most recent survey, 1 out of every 13 high school students 16 and older reported drinking and driving in the past 30 days which is alarming news (Madsen). Teen drivers are less expected to use restraints when alcohol is present in their system, which causes them not to use better judgment. The CDC also reports that while the occurrences of drunk driving by teens has declined over the past 20 years, nearly one million teens drove cars while under the influence of alcohol in 2015 (Egendorf 19). Driving under the influence puts teens at a greater risk of being involved in a fatal accident. The Ethan Couch story was a reminder of how important drinking and driving are for teen drivers. On the night of June 15, 2013 Ethan Couch, then 16, was having a party drinking with a few of his friends. Couch, who had allegedly been living... ... middle of paper ... ...rthermore, another solution is to not make alcohol accessible to teen, non-accessible alcohol is the best prevent for adolescents teens. In conclusion, drinking and driving is not a tolerable act. It is not worth the consequences, and it is unfair for a driver under the influence to risk their life and lives of so many innocent people. If the solution is followed, Shattered Dream Programs, MAAD, and making alcohol non accessible then. Teen drinking and driving rates will decrease, by the use of these measures. Following these procedures will help teens to have a clear understanding of the actions that will follow from drinking and driving. As parents, teacher and administrators should all step in to help do their part to prevent a tragedy before it starts. The rates for drinking and driving for teens will decrease, the more they know the more they can grow.

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