Is Direct Democracy Makes An Ideal Government?

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Ideal must be defined as “satisfying one's conception of what is perfect; most suitable.” This topic is highly controversial, but specific type of governments really lead to a functional government for the citizens and the keys. Many governments have failed after their attempts to develop functional communities. Oligarchy, autocracy, and democracy all have their flaws, but direct democracy is the most government that provided a better living for its citizens. For example, in Switzerland, modern direct democracy exists there; Switzerland’s economic, political, and social conditions outperform most of the countries. However, this type of government should not be applied by all of the countries due to the uneducated majorities in other countries.…show more content…
For example, direct democracy is known as “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Direct democracy is based on “government and citizen interaction,” which means that the government’s laws depend on the votes of the citizens. Every person has the right to engage in politics and has freedom of speech since it represents each and every citizen equally, despite their social classes. Also, everyone, without any discrimination based on gender, race, or religion, has the right to vote for candidates, laws, and amendments. Direct democracy is the rule of the people; people change the country depending on their votes. However, if the citizens were uneducated, they will vote for the wrong candidate, law, etc. Hence, direct democracy would not be efficient or ideal for some countries. For educated societies and citizens, direct democracy would be the ideal government, allowing the citizens to equally interact with the government and laws relying on their…show more content…
Direct democracy is based on the voice of the public. Since the government grants the citizens their needs, then there is a less chance of a rebellion occurrence. This system makes people feel a sense of responsibility and involvement, which makes them appreciate the system more and improve it instead of overthrowing it. The citizens approve on laws they support, thus they are changing their country based on their opinions. However, some rebellions may arise because of slow economic growth. Some projects will take a longer time to develop since the approval of many regimes is required. In a direct democracy, building businesses and projects will be slower and more expensive, but the economy is prosperous. Despite this disadvantage being a problem, it proves the sense of responsibility of the government towards the citizens too, providing them with projects that do not hurt or oppose any of the sides. As the website Greengarage mentions, “this political system can promote changes in the government without having to resort to any form of violence.” Changes will be peaceful and gradual, providing the citizens their needs and rights equally, and having a stable government that the citizens trust. The citizens will trust the government since any action that will be taken, it will be taken with their citizens, avoiding any internal monopoly of

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