Is Dieting Effective or Counterproductive

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Dieting is the practice of restricting oneself to the small amounts of food in order to lose weight. Many people around the world are involved in this practice to lose their weight. Now a question arises, "Dieting is effective or not?" Many people have different views. Some may have find this vital while some are against this practice. According to the various studies ,one third to two thirds of dieters regain more weight than they lost on their diets, and these studies likely underestimate the extent to which dieting is counterproductive because of several methodological problems, all of which bias the studies toward showing successful weight loss maintenance. Thus, Dieting proved to be counterproductive because, it make people regain more weight instead of losing it, make people extremely weak and also badly effects the stomach.

Leann Birch, Ph.D., head of Pennsylvania State University's human development department, asked 192 girls what they knew about dieting, and was surprised to learn that roughly half recognized its link to weight. (McCarthy 20). This means actually we do not know how dieting effects our body. What we only know is, it helps u lose weight. Let's find out the truth about dieting.


Fat is a word everyone is scared of now a days. No one wants a fat body. That is why people choose dieting so that they can lose excessive fat accumulated on their body. But shocking fact is that dieting makes a person gain more fat. When a person is on diet, his/her body knows that he/she is starving it and it will shut down and hold on to all stored c...

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