Is Democracy America's Responsibility?

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Was it America’s responsibility to spread democracy abroad?
The atomic bomb was a scientific marvel with immense atomic power, which catapulted the world into a conflict between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. In his announcement of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Harry Truman stated, “What has been done is the greatest achievement of organized science in history” ("Harry Truman: Hiroshima atomic bomb announcement (1945)." ). The atomic bomb was necessary in multiple ways to quickly end the war, which spared America from dealing with numerous diverse predicaments, but the consequences of the atomic bomb were evident throughout many future generations. The Cold War was a result of several events, but the root of the problem was the difference in the ideology of government that United States and Soviet Union lived by (Pierpaoli). Even though the United States and the Soviet Union were allies during World War II, the atomic bomb sparked an air of suspicion and distrust between the two great nations (Pierpaoli, Paul G., Jr.). This wariness soon escalated when the Soviet Union started to claim their satellite states, which they had occupied during the war (“Cold War (Consequences).”). In cessation, the need to contain communistic ideals of the Soviet Union from preying on European nations and beyond led to America’s allocation of democratic ideals. Although America was committed to protecting the rights of other nations, America did not have the obligation to spread the ideals of democracy to foreign nations. America could not influence other nations to adopt their ideas, because the money needed to fund this project was needed on the home front, and America did not have the duty to spread democracy, because the threat of communism was ending. In add...

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...tion of democratic principles, because it was not their duty to meddle in foreign interests for the cause of democracy. Even though the United States wanted to preserve the freedom that democracy provides, America did not have the right intentions to spread democracy. Democracy includes free capitalism, which would provide America’s economy with many new markets. America was overcome by its own selfish reasons to spread democracy around the world, because of the fruits democracy would provide. As stated, America had no responsibility to spread democracy, which caused so many complications to America. Motivated by selfish reasons, America used their power and prestige in the world to force the allocation of democracy on many nations, which caused the powerful prestige of America to become tained. The main goal of America came at the detrimental cost of America itself.

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