Is College Worth The Cost: Is College Worth The Cost

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Is College Worth The Cost Is college worth all the time and money that you put into it? For many people these days it is one of the best choices one can make. According to Dan Greenstein and Jamie Merisotis, “Education remains the chief American institution that promotes economic and social mobility for poor and disadvantaged citizens. It 's not an evasion; it 's the direct answer to the question of what the nation needs to improve its talent pool and improve economic opportunity and social equality”. Imagine that a person with only their high school diploma and a person with a college degree are applying for the same job. The person with the high school diploma is offered the job at minimum wage but he doesn 't get the job. Now the person…show more content…
The higher degree a person has the more money they make. It seems like in order to get a job that pays higher than minimum wage now a days, one needs a college degree. On top of that, the higher of a degree one has, then the more money they get payed. Catherine Rampell says that, “According to Labor Department data, the unemployment rate for Americans ages 20 to 29 who have a bachelor 's degree was 5.8 percent in 2013. In that same age group, among people with no education beyond a high school diploma, it was 14 percent”. This alone shows that just having a college degree will make you more hireable. Just being a college graduate will provide one with increases in wages. According to Greenstein and Merisotis, “The increase in wages for the top 1% between 1980 and 2005, if divided among the bottom 99%, would provide each household about $7,000 in additional income. But the wage gains of college graduates over the same period, divided among high-school graduates, would provide each household with $28,000 of additional income”. When it come to starting off with more money at a job, that starting wage is greatly better than minimum wage for that of a high school graduate. According to Mark Peters and Douglas Belkin, “In Colorado, a study conducted by College Measures, a partnership of the American Institutes for Research and Matrix Knowledge, looked more specifically at grads ' first year in the workforce. Associate degrees in…show more content…
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