Is College Worth It Essay

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When looking at the future many people have a plan of what life might be. For many young people, college is something that can be a key part of their future goals. However, right now in today’s society, a college education is no longer an option or privilege, but rather seen as a necessity. Young people today are practically raised and conditioned to believe that higher education is the best path in order to succeed in life. Going to college has become a social status: people are now going to college to simply say that they are a college student. Similarly, students hope that their time will be worth it, for they should receive an amazing job in the end. However, it turns out that college is not always worth it, because of how expensive college…show more content…
In today 's society, many college students are paying large amounts of money to be to go to school, to be able to get a good job in the future. However, as society continues to move forward many young adults are leaving their campuses with expensive degrees while also still struggling to get a job. One of the things contributing to the growing risk of going to college is how increasingly expensive it is to go to school. For instance, student loan debt is a major contributor to that expense. Casey Bond stated how “The growth of student loan debt is being compared to the recent housing crisis because of the significant growth of subsidized lending;” however, the primary goal of college is to gain new knowledge and become a better member of society. Nevertheless, that is no longer the case as the job market continues to dwindle and college loans continue to become harder pay, companies will continue to use college education as bargaining chips that hold large monetary value. Bond also stated, that “Today, the average student loan debt load for a 2014 college graduate has ballooned to $33,000, which according to The Wall Street Journal, “is nearly double the amount students had to borrow…show more content…
The information learned at college can be valuable, however, much of what can be learned can be accessed on the internet using a simple Google search. Also, no matter what type of major an individual has some life lessons can only be learned from real life experiences. The Huffington Post states how mandatory college classes are simply not useful anymore and can become a waste of time. A lot of the time these courses are taught by new teachers or graduate students and even if there is a real professor teaching the class they are usually too busy working on their next book. This ultimately leads to students getting a lot of their information from textbooks or simple online searches. That is why the true measure of a college degree comes from the professor and how well they can teach. It is the professor 's job to pass on the knowledge and the experience needed for students to be able to operate well in the workforce. The Huffington emphasizes this stating that “The legitimate value of a university lies in its professors. You’re paying people to teach you because, theoretically, they have the experience you don’t, the information you need and the ability to impart all of this to you.” It is the professor job to give value to a student 's college education. If a professor is not teaching anything of value than their no real reason to college. The Huffington
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