Is College Worth It?

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841 words

Parents are always telling their kids that when they graduate high school they have to go to college. If they want to get somewhere in life they need to get a degree. But is this true? Most people would agree that a person will not go as far in life without a college degree. However, they may not have looked at both sides of the argument. This is a topic that is talked about a lot all over the world. Everyone has different opinions, some are good and others are seen as bad. There are people that believe college is no longer important and should not be a priority. While there are others that believe completing college is a number one priority. There are a ton of factors when it comes to deciding whether or not someone should attend college. The price of attending college is one of the big topics that are discussed. Another huge topic is the type of degree a student will earn. There is also the fact that some people do not believe they have the potential to attend college. These topics can all go into great detail and make a person chose whether they think college is really worth their time. One of the biggest things people are concerned about these days is the price of attending college. Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus, the authors of Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admission?, write that “For most Americans, education their offspring will be the largest financial outlay, after their home mortgage, they’ll ever make” (179). The amount people pay to attend college is outrageous these days. To attend an in-state public university can cost up to around $25,000 a year. Private colleges can be around $45,000 a year. A student will be looking at $180,000 dollars of student loans if they attend a private college to get their Bachelor... ... middle of paper ... table she rushes to the next. She then has to get the orders to the chef. After the chef cooks the food she has to retrieve it and deliver it to the tables. She is responsible for remember what food goes to what table and which customer ordered it. Once she gives the food to the customer she has to hope she gave them the right thing and there are no mistakes on the plate. She worries that a customer will be upset with her and not give her a tip. She goes home at the end of the day hoping she did a good job and was able to please every customer. The customer will never see what exactly is going through the waitresses head but they should know to be patient and realize it is a hard job even though it is not white collar. Just because a person does not decide to attend college does not mean they don’t use their brain the same way someone with a college degree does.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that college is a topic that is discussed all over the world. there are many factors when it comes to deciding whether or not someone should attend college.
  • Opines that the amount people pay to attend college is outrageous, stating that in-state public universities can cost up to $25,000, while private colleges can be around $45,000.
  • Opines that students need to decide what kind of degree they want to earn, as there are a million types of degrees out there.
  • Explains that some people may be able to get further in life without a college education. generalizations about intelligence, work, and social class deeply affect our assumptions about ourselves and each other.
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