Is China making our Children Sick?

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Lead paint, supposedly outlawed, but is that a nationwide statement, or a worldwide statement? When you look at your new watch to find the maker, are you greeted with the common words of ‘made in china’? What about your children’s toys? Dora the explorer, she explored china. Thomas and his friends chugged down the great wall. Barbie strolled through Humen in search of this week’s fashion. Yet, you may take for granted the safety of your child, whilst they have a toy from such origin in their possession. But what does that mean exactly? Maybe the enforcement of America’s imported toy safety should be improved. Even if it’d be an expensive endeavor, the enforcement of product safety laws should be improved, especially for the toys imported from China, because China is making more profit from goods, than we are from them, and the safety of American children is being threatened in the process.

Is China making our children sick? Firstly, considering the topic at hand, the cause for caution is in regards the ‘lead paint’ used to paint the toys imported into America. The regulations of the FHSA [Federal Hazardous Substances Act] states that “The term “hazardous substance” means: Any substance or mixture of substances which is (i) is toxic (ii) is corrosive (iii) is an irritant, (iv) is a strong sensitizer, (v) is flammable or combustible, or (vi) generates pressure through decomposition, heat, or other means” [As sourced by:]. The chemicals found in lead paint are, “as pigment, lead(II) chromate (PbCrO4, "chrome yellow") and lead(II) carbonate(PbCO3, "white lead")” (Kühn).

Enforcement of product safety would be expensive, though it could prove to be more necessary than on...

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