Is Capitalism Justified Essay

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Our belief states are determined by the external factors, for example, perceived complexity and priming ethics is an interesting subject and everyone lives by their thoughts and their ways. Everyone lives by a different code. In this paper I will argue against capitalism, because capitalism in the long run is morally unjustified. I will start off by explaining what capitalism is, and then I will explain how capitalism affects us and lastly I will conclude why capitalism is not morally justifiable. Morality is about primary making the right choices. Now the key word here is, right. We have to make sure if the system is the right system for all of us as a whole and not only if it benefits only some. To start off, capitalism is an "economic…show more content…
Is capitalism morally justifiable? After some exploring and some considerations about whole concept of capitalism, I would have to say that capitalism is not morality justified. Capitalism like any other concept has it’s flaws and it has it’s strengths. As said earlier, the concept of morality is about making the right choices. Capitalism is about the whole concept of free market, but sometimes the free market isn’t the best choices in the long run. Because capitalism has inequalities, it’s an inhuman system, and there’s competition. People might say, and what’s wrong with a little competition? I am not saying that competition is wrong, because it’s not. But sometimes people take it too far and instead of having a friendly competition it turns out to be a war. And we start to think that we need to push people out of the way to get what we want. Then we have a lot of people competiting with each other and if that happens then companies will start to go out of business, which in the end would case the employees to find another job because the company might go out of business. Capitalism also causes inequality and a class division. Instead of being treated equal we would be treating each other with disrespect, depending where we are in the social class system. So where’s the rightness here? I don’t see any. I just see a system that might cause some harm to people in the working class. When I hear about capitalism and if it’s morally justified, my answer would have to be no, it’s not. The ideas about capitalism are great and they make sense, but if we look at it in the long run it’s not. It’s not right to have people treated unfairly and
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