Is Cancer the Enemy?

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Is Cancer the Enemy? When you think of cancer, the words terminal sickness and death probably enter your mind. However, although cancer is a terminal sickness, it can change a person’s life and perspective. In the book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, the protagonist is suffering from lung cancer. In a mental and emotional journey, she learns what true love is. Love is the thing that keeps her alive even during the hard times and helps her to live a normal life. With love, she is able to face a life without Augustus, with love, she is able to live her life to the fullest, and with love, she is able to stop worrying about being a grenade and being able to take down the walls to let in the people who deeply care about her. Hazel is a cancer kid who is a grenade. Namely, she wants to love and be loved, but she does not want to affect many people when she explodes, or dies. Therefore, she builds walls around her castle and does not allow anyone inside. That is, until she meets Augustus Waters, who taught her that even though she has cancer, she can still live like a normal kid, she can still watch the popular TV shows and movies, and she can still hang out with friends and go shopping. She does not have to stay at home, depressed, and wishing that she would die just because she has cancer. Cancer is not the enemy who wishes to blow up our lives, it is an ally who wants to shape our lives, shape who we are, and shape our perspective on life in return for a life that has been lived to the fullest. Augustus, or Gus, shows Hazel that building barriers will not help her to live her life, in fact, letting people into the castle and allowing them love you is the thing that will keep you going, especially in the hard times. Augustus sa... ... middle of paper ... ...ed. She tries to find it, and after many days, gets an email from the author’s assistant who has it. The ending ends with Augustus asking whether or not Hazel is happy with the choices that she’s made. She says yes. Yes because she now has made the choice to let people close to her heart and can survive the next couple of months, maybe even years without Augustus. Hazel was a girl who tried her best to live a life even though she wasn’t normal. She still watched the popular TV shows, she still had a boyfriend, and she still went shopping and all the other things that girls do. Also, she tore down the walls of her heart and allwed Augustus to get inside, she made the choice to get close to people, and began to stop worrying about when and if she will explode. Those were Hazel’s choices, the choices she made with the help of Augustus, the love of her cancerous life.
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