Is Canadian Culture Doomed to Become American?

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Is Canadian Culture Doomed to Become American?

As Alvin Toffler once said, “The wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets”1. Such holds true for the American culture, which is not only a dominating factor in its own internal market and known domestically but also a dictating force in countries around the world on the global scale, and the first on their list – Canada. This issue of cultural imperialism is touched upon by Gaëtan Tremblay in his article, “Is Quebec Culture Doomed to Become American?”

Although Tremblay talks about the American culture’s influence on Canada as a whole, his main concern in this article is Quebec, which is in a separate league than the rest of Canada due to its different linguistics. Tremblay focuses on Quebec culture and raises many significant issues that should be noticed. He mentions that due to their similarity in language, Canadian television is “much more exposed to American influences”2. Therefore, the Quebecois feel rather alienated in terms of their distinct culture and “like Canadians, want to keep their protective policies and regulations concerning the promotion of their cultural identity”3. His opinion about American culture is rather clear and his main point is that although there are many Canadian based organizations that are formed for the promotion and protection of Canadian culture such as the Broadcasting Act adopted by the Parliament in 1991 and the Canadian Radio-Television and telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Canadians should further endorse themselves in increasing Canadian cultural production not only in Canada itself, but in the global market as well. As American culture becomes more and more powerful and influential, the Quebec culture and identity is at ...

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...tive impact of the American culture and only a great emphasis on the negative factors. He should consider the fact that while Americans can seem as a threat to Canadian culture, there are also their neighbours and establishing a good relationship could mean a greater market for Canada’s domestic goods.


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