Is Birthright Citizenship Good For America?

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Is birthright citizenship good for America? Citizenship birthright in America, has been for so long implemented in society. Such conflicts and requirements that needed to be obtained from considering on applying for a new born citizenship. Such as, subjects with parents involved in military and national commitment to the U.S. which was an act passed by the fourteenth amendment in the early 20th century. Due to definition and overpopulation with non-citizen births in the United States. The flaws that had been in the system from the start of the amendment were that such as temporary immigrants and tourist, being more specifically wealthy mothers in the most common category were taking advantage of the system by coming to U.S. to give birth and take advantage of the government . Just to take advantage of the opportunities that newborns were given, many of which opened, just by being born in U.S. territory. It too gave the parents a certain rights to much more complexes in other countries. Ones the constitution settled some rules for citizenship birthrigh...

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