Is Big Brother Watching You?

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Smile! You’re on camera
Since the beginning of time, humans have been making tools to make life easier, faster or more efficient, but are these upgrades necessarily a good thing? Programming languages were created so people did not have to be mathematicians to learn binary and can now create programs that do things that at some point were considered impossible. The concept of having a personal computer was once impractical because the computers were just too big for the average home, now we can just about fit them in our pockets. What happens when that kind of innovation and creativity is turned against you? What if someone else was watching you through your computer without you ever knowing?

Government surveillance has always been an issue in the past, a touchy one at that; people love their privacy however with webcams and microphones on everything from a smartphone to a smart-tv consumers have practically handed over their rights to privacy. Surveillance is the observation or monitoring of a person. Very illustrious examples of surveillance include GPS tracking, surveillance cameras, internet surveillance and wiretaps. In May 2013, Edward Snowden released information regarding NSA surveillance on the American people as well as other countries []. Snowden exposed several NSA programs that have until recently been kept in complete secrecy.
GCHQ and the NSA
Britain’s surveillance agency known as GCHQ, with aid from the NSA, intercepted and stored webcams images of millions of internet users who were not suspected of wrongdoing, according to various secret files Snowden released [3]. The GCHQ files dating between 2008 and 2010 state that a surveillance program codenamed Optic Nerve[4] collected still images of Yahoo webcam chats ...

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