Is Balance the New Happy?

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We spend much of our lives focusing upon getting happy. We pursue happiness like it’s a destination on a map that we need to reach before sundown. What is happiness? Will this endless pursuit result in happiness?

What is happiness?
Happiness is a feeling or an emotional response to your state of mind and external environment. As humans we are innately driven by pain and pleasure. It is not necessarily actual pain or pleasure but our perception of the possibility that an event may lead to a painful or pleasurable experience. We fall into the trap of chasing an emotional response; our desire to achieve happiness eventually lead to being burned out by bowing to the pressure of being happy and chasing after possessions, the perfect body or a dream job. At this point it is easy to conclude that the pursuit of happiness is making us unhappy but when you take a closer look, it really isn’t so. Could our mind-set or focus be making us unhappy? This feeling of being burned out is never in the pursuit of a fulfilled and balanced life; it’s the direct result of persistent mindless pursuit of one or two things and neglecting all the rest.

When you pursue a feeling you will never be satisfied because you are pursuing an outcome and instead of seeking avenues that lead to your desired emotional response. I want you to think of a moment when you were truly happy. What was your life like? What were you doing? Who was involved? How did it feel? At this present point in time, I am happy but there have been other moments where I have been at my happiness that reveal something a little unexpected. I was 29 years old, living in Melbourne. I had an amazing group of friends, a well-paid job as well as a volunteer production management ...

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...balance in your life?

How to Restore Balance
Take come time to reflect upon the seven key areas of your life: health, personal (emotions, mind-set), career, wealth, relationships, recreation and contribution. Give each area a score out of 10. Take note of the areas that score less than seven or choose two or three that are most important to you. Ask yourself, what does this area of my life look like at the moment? Be honest and write down a brief description. Now consider, how you would like these areas to look like? Write them down and set goals to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Have you recently restored balance back to your life? How did you achieve this? Please let me know by leaving a comment below; leave as much detail as you can.

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