Is Animal Testing Wrong?

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Is animal testing wrong? Are scientists killing harmless creatures? In my opinion, I think that animal testing is completely out of order. Testing products on animal's can be fatal to the animals life. They are innocent species who have a life to live as do we humans, scientists pouring chemicals over them or injecting them with deadly substances is irrelevant considering everything we already have. However without animal testing there would be fewer treatments for cancers and there would be less medication to help diabetes. Scientists claim that once they're tests are complete, the animals are put through a series of medication to get them back to full health. On the other hand animals will not always react in the same way as us humans. They could have a completely different reaction, for example, Aspirin is toxic to mice and rats but not to humans. Some animals benefit from experiments which benefit humans as well. Animal testing had a big impact on some human diseases in the 20th century, including the diabetic medication insulin, the polio vaccine, penicillin and the elimination of smallpox was all discovered by using animals to test on, not all of the animals that were tested were able to survive after these experiments as the drugs used overpowered the animals immune systems and killed them. It wasn't just the drugs that harmed the animals, lab workers treated animals like rodents unfairly and kept them in unhealthy over-crowded conditions and in some cases they would be beating them. Animals and humans are similar in a lot of ways, some of us have allergic reactions as do animals which can have the same effects from sores on skin, bleeding or even death, all the medical ingredients used have different effect... ... middle of paper ... ...bably flattened out, They suggest that drug development is underway which will come to a conclusion that more animals will be taken in for experiments for the next generation of drugs which will act in a specific way in the body forcing scientists to the use of more primates. For example, as science looks to defeat the neurological diseases afflicting a 'greying population', it is said we will need a remote supply of monkeys to successfully test the next-generation pills. In conclusion I strongly feel that animal testing should be banned. Firstly animal testing is not 100% accturate and experiments are unreliable and invalid, secondly i feel that harming other mamels for our benifit is wrong when we already have plenty of resourses that work perfectly fine and finally, what if we dont react the same way the animals do? we could be putting our own lives at danger.

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