Is America's War on Terrorism Justified within a Christian's World View?

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Introduction Since the September 11th, 2001attack on the World Trade the world has never been the same again. The war on terrorism has witnessed unprecedented levels as resources continue to be invested for the course. The war on terrorism has also led to invasions in some places that the terrorists themselves do not exist and caused deaths. Noteworthy is the fact in the midst of the terror war, the Christian perspective has been barely audible both at the initiation of the global war on terror and at present. This begs the question; is America war on terror justified from the Christian perspective. In this paper, I contend that the war on terror is unjustified from a personal Christian perspective by highlighting various reasons as described hereafter. In order to determine the right response to terrorism, it is necessary that we establish what constitutes terrorism and who perpetuates terrorism and what Christian teaching advocates as the relevant response. Terrorism applies to the unlawful exploitation of force, threats, and violence as a means to obtaining political agendas (Victoroff, 2005). Behind acts of terrorism is what is considered in the Bible as “evil”. It is the evil that aims to distract, deceive, and destroy (Holy Bible). It is the devil that precipitates the egregious acts of terrorism. In this sense, it behooves all Christians including those in political and administration quarters to take cognizance of the fact that all evil works are demonic in nature. When this fact is taken into account, we should also embrace the idea that terrorism is perpetuated by a radical fringe of people who claim to profess the religion of Islam. Having understood that terrorists are few evil people and that all evil are demonic in... ... middle of paper ... ...ngful act both in the eyes of humans and God. It is also a fact that terrorism acts are performed by few radical people who abuse religion teachings to accomplish their missions. In this regard, true Christians should take these facts into account when responding to terrorism acts. Through prayers and using non –military approaches as well, it is likely that America will have more friends than enemies and this is the seed to winning war on terror. Works Cited Christians-And-The-War-On-Terror.aspxThe Holy Bible- containing the Old Testament and the New. (1702). London- Printed by Charles Bill and ye executrix of Tho- Newcomb.Veith, G. E. (2002). Christianity in an age of terrorism. St. Louis, MO- Concordia Pub. House.Victoroff, J. (2005). The Mind of The Terrorist- A Review And Critique Of Psychological Approaches. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 49(1), 3-42-

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